Why LV Air?

Ultra Luxury

Whether you're flying Club, First or Private Class, there's something exquisitely unique for every VIP on the planet. From the minute your reservation is made, we couple luxury with Las Vegas.

Global Direct Flights

Direct (non-stop) flights to Las Vegas from key locations around the world. Beginning flights from in New York, Miami, London, and Hong Kong in 2019. There will be LVAIR bringing VIP's to Las Vegas from around the World.

Innovative Technology

The newest and most advanced aviation technology on the planet. Holograms, Intra-seat connectivity, touch ordering, CRS innovation, followed by a human touch only dreamed of in luxury aviation.

The First Cities

Coming Soon...

New York

Northeast US VIP


Southeast US VIP

Hong Kong

China VIP



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The Problem

Las Vegas is undergoing a transformational renaissance. Over $10 Billion in new construction within the next 5 years. Las Vegas, with over 160,000 hotel rooms and the most diverse product mix on the planet, is cursed with incredibly limited first class, charter, or private flights for VIP clientele to reach the city.

Our Solution

Thousands of VIPs will now be able to fly to Las Vegas anytime they choose. Simply by connecting with any of our partner casinos, private companies or membership organizations, VIP's can receive an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas. This time, inside one of our luxury 747 Jets. No other airline is quite like LVAIR. An airline for VIP's to Las Vegas.

How It WIll Work

The VIP contacts our Las Vegas partner requesting a flight to Las Vegas based on their VIP status.

Our partner places the VIP on an LVAIR flight from any of our cities in the world in either Club, First or Private class.

The VIP has an unparalleled experienced in Las Vegas through his or her status as an LVAIR VIP and becomes a loyal customer to our partner.

LVAIR continues to expand service to other cities based upon partner demand through VIP requests.

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Club Class

For "Players". 3/4 reclining seats, 3- course meals, holographic celebrity briefings. Model stewardesses to make your flight the most exciting in aviation history. Club surround sound, intra-seat video, texting, and 13-inch backseat screen (3D optional). Plus, a $5,000 Gift Bag.

First Class

All the amenities of Club plus full reclining seats; 6-course meals from Las Vegas' top chefs, 1 stewardess per four passengers, Lavatory with full showers onboard, full business service concierge in flight. Plus, a $25,000 Gift Bag.

Private Class

All the amenities of First-Class - Two-room suite. Private lavatory/shower, personal butler and private exclusive and elite services reserved for the most exclusive and discerning clientele on the planet. Plus, a $50,000 Gift Bag.

Coming Soon...

LVAIR - The Web Series

Watch it all unfold through an interactive online video series.


The Path

Mike Tyson and Larry King

Mike Tyson announces LVAIR on the Larry King Show. States that it will be an “ultra-luxury airline, … taking the place of the Concorde.”
See The Interview Here

Bloomberg News Interview

LVAIR CEO Sean Smith is interviewed on Bloomberg News by anchor Margaret Brennan.
See The Interview Here

Dynamic Airlines Purchase Attempt

LVAIR attempts to buy Dynamic Airlines.

Swift Airlines Purchase Attempt

LVAIR attempts to buy Swift Airlines with Billionaire Fincancer Oscar Peters.
Read The Article Here

CEO Pursues More Education

CEO Eneliko Sean Smith returns to UNLV, completes his Bachelors in Mass Communication Theory and creates a new model for the development and launch of LVAIR.

Read More About The CEO

LVAIR New Model and LVAIR Rising

LVAIR announces new model and creates LVAIR Rising to document the creation of the the world’s first luxury airline to Las Vegas.

Offer to Acquire Two 747 Jets

LVAIR offers to acquire two 747 Jumbo jets to prepare for initial flights in 2019.

LVAIR Rising Production Begins

The LVAIR web series production begins pre-production. Shooting planned for summer.

First Flights

LVAIR plans its first flights from New York, Miami, Hong Kong, and London.

Want To Learn More?

Let us know if you want to be involved with LVAIR. A global project that will benefit Las Vegas and the world.

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