New Global "Non-Stop" Routes to Las Vegas

Initial Non Stop direct routes planned from New York, Miami, London and Hong Kong. Other major cities included as Las Vegas Casinos market destinations.

Eneliko Sean Smith, CEO and Co. are betting $10.3 Billion in 2018.

The single largest bet in Sin City. Soon a Global Facebook Web Series.


"I realized then that every single experience in my life has existed for only one true purpose; to enable me to create a Las Vegas Airline. To canvas the globe and bring millions of travelers and billions of dollars to Las Vegas, my adopted hometown, the place I love more than anything" - The Shining City on the Hill. "

Eneliko Sean Smith

From the upcoming book Building Blocks, the story of LVAIR


New York



Ultra Luxury All First Class

Supreme luxury, technology, and service from reservation to Las Vegas arrival. The most luxurious commercial aircraft in history. 

The Most Advanced Fleet In History

Soon to deliver thousands of Players and Whales to Las Vegas on behalf of Major Las Vegas Casinos. No other fleet in the world will compare to LVAIR. 


Hong Kong

Bloomberg News Anchor Margaret Brennan discussing the new charter airline to to Las Vegas. CEO Sean Smith outlining the business model in early days. At the time, LVAIR would start with three midsize aircraft from US Cities. Since then, LVAIR has transformed into a 10.3 Billion Dollar Venture, a fleet of Luxury Jumbo Jets  ferrying Players to Las Vegas. 

CNN's Larry King interviewing Las Vegas local and boxing Icon Mike Tyson about his life and activities in Las Vegas. Tyson mentions his involvement with LVAIR at the time. Sean Smith was instrumental in helping Mike Tyson develop his One Man Show. Smith an Olympic boxer, has been  teammates with Oscar De Lahoya, Shane Mosley and 4  years fighting alongside Floyd Mayweather Jr.